Victor He

Software Engineer, Aspiring Algae Farmer

Software engineer with 2+ years in web development and startups.
I help companies and business owners arrive to software solutions.

Work Experience

Software Engineer

Basis WorldWide, 10/19 - Present

Frontend tech lead for, AWS subject matter expert within team. Improved website security and performance by executing the migration of 430k+ users to AWS Cognito user directory with minimal user experience interruption. Cut down the runtime of the most common authentication operation by 95%. Increased company exposure by launching 3 foreign language variants of Upgraded the core API to pull data from Salesforce CRM to further improve website performance. Created documentation to fast track team members’ transition to new tech stacks and for maintainability.

Technical Skills: JavaScript, Vue.js, SASS, WordPress, C#, MS SQL Server, AWS Cognito, Lambda, SES, S3

Freelance Developer

AIA MiniCafe, 5/19 - 9/19

Attained 1200+ orders for a Boba shop by launching a mobile storefront via a WeChat Mini Program. Eliminated 15 minute rush-hour wait times for customers by allowing them to make their orders in advance. Added support for a customer loyalty system and full control over the storefront by developing an admin app. Reduced application load times by 50% by caching query results, optimizing image formats, and removing unused code from component libraries.

Technical Skills: JavaScript, Vue.js, NoSQL DB, Lambda, WeChat Mini Program platform, Wechat Cloud Services, Wechat Payment System

Boba store demo

Boba store admin demo

Software Engineer Intern

Accelerated developer velocity in the C# ASP.NET Core tech stack by creating quick start guides and establishing a reference architecture for scalable, cross platform microservices.

Organized out of office intern team building events, including, Hackathons, laser tag, and meal outings.

Presented project findings in two occasions: in front of 100+ employees, including company executives; within the Jacob’s School of Engineering Internship panel, with 200+ attendees.


Over the Web Prescription

In partnership with a medical professional, we identified that most medical visits are about common conditions that can be handled with over the counter medications and a standard regiment. If patients were properly educated and informed beforehand, this information would save them a visit to the doctors, especially during sensitive times like COVID-19. This project is to address that gap in the market.

A major challenge to this project was to accommodate my partner, who doesn't come from a technical background, and allow him to make content changes to the website. I arrived to the solution of using the headless Wordpress architecture for the project. This would allow my partner, who is familiar with Wordpress, to edit the content in a Wordpress interface. It decouples the Wordpress frontend, and grants the freedom to implement the frontend in any stack I'm comfortable with. This saves a lot of time from the learning curve of working with custom Wordpress themes.

Technical Skills: JavaScript, Vue.js, Vuetify, SASS, WordPress, GraphQL, Hostgator Hosting

Ceramic Tile Classifier

Explored and researched the applications of computer vision and machine learning in a startup setting. Our goal was to perform ceramic tile production quality assessment.

Formulated the solution through an iterative process of research and experimentation. I took online courses in computer vision and machine learning to build up a broad understanding. I then studied relevant dissertations, in the Chinese language, to gain more in-depth knowledge for our specific use case.

Constructed a prototype workstation, complete with an industrial camera, lighting, sensors, and a computer, to collect data and perform classification over 60 tiles/min production lines.

Technical Skills: Python, OpenCV(image processing), Scikit-learn(ML), TkInter(GUI) libraries.

Live Sampling Demo


University of California, San Diego

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
Graduated June 2018
Major GPA: 3.92/4.0 (magna cum laude)